Individual Relationship Therapy & Education

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you are an excellent candidate for my individual relationship therapy & education services.

Are you in an unhappy marriage or relationship and your spouse or partner is not willing to attend therapy at this time?

There are times when both partners are not on board with therapy, and there are many reasons for this. It is common for one partner to believe that there are no problems in the relationship, while the other feels miserable and unhappy. Maybe they feel stigma associated with reaching out for help. Whatever the reason, if you are in a relationship and want it to work out, I want to help you.

It’s ideal that both partners are present for therapy when there are relationship concerns; however, the good news is that positive changes can still happen. Completing my education and training in marriage and family therapy has allowed me a systemic view of relationships, which means that a change in one person can have an effect on the entire system. In other words, you can change your relationship.

Have you recently experienced a divorce or breakup, and wonder what to do now?

Let’s be real – it sucks! Relationships have the potential to bring us great joy, but with that great joy comes devastation and heartache should the relationship end. It’s tough, especially in the beginning, to make sense of it all. Each person will have a unique experience, yet face many of the same effects as others when navigating a separation. Grief, depression, and anxiety can all rear their ugly heads at this time. During our work together you will find the support and resources needed to come out of your experience stronger and more confident.

Do you have a pattern of getting into relationships that are not right for you? And now you are ready for a new relationship and a fresh start?

You may be starting to recognize that you are repeatedly finding yourself in relationships that are a bad fit. Oftentimes we get into a relationship before we are ready, and for the wrong reasons. Wanting a relationship is not a good enough reason to be in one. Many people push aside their intuition and the knowledge they have of their own self-worth to jump into a relationship because they feel lonely. This means that you may end up with someone who does not share you values, who does not respect you, and who treats you poorly.

We will work on you in session. If you have low self-esteem and think poorly of yourself, these thoughts radiate from you and attract partners who also think poorly of you and fail to show you respect. During our work together we will uncover your unique talents and the sensational love that you bring to a relationship. You will begin to discover your true worth and begin to respect yourself. Through discovering who you truly are, you will be able to know what you want and deserve in a relationship. With this knowing, you will be more likely to find yourself in a relationship that works for you.

60 Minutes

Individual Relationship Therapy & Education sessions are a full 60 minutes


The investment for Individual Relationship Therapy & Education is $100 per session

Note: Should a client, who is attending individual sessions with me, decide to pursue couples therapy with their partner I will provide a referral to another therapist for the couples work. I do this because I have already built a relationship with an individual and do not want their partner to feel uncomfortable or as though there is an alliance already in place. If you think that you may want to attend couples therapy with me in the future, but need individual work now, please give me a call and I can provide referrals to other excellent individual therapists.

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