Pre-Commitment Therapy & Education

In most everything we do in life, we are receiving training and education. We attend an orientation when beginning a new job. When we cook or bake, we have recipes to follow. We are given instruction manuals when we buy a new piece of technology.

The most important relationship of our lives is no different. How is it that we are supposed to know how to be part of a couple? Sure, we learn from our parents, we observe others in their relationships. But, you and your partner are two unique individuals who need to navigate your own way of making your relationship work.

Pre-commitment Therapy is an often overlooked, but essential, piece to having a healthy and long-lasting relationship.

The average cost for a wedding consultant is $3,000. This is for someone to help you plan your wedding – a one-day event. For less than one-third of the cost you can invest in pre-commitment therapy and have someone help you to plan for the rest of your life with your new partner.

Pre-commitment Therapy consists of three different types of sessions: Intake & Assessment, Individual Sessions, and Couples Sessions. The Intake & Assessment and Individual Sessions are a one-time event, followed by Couples Sessions for the remainder of our time together. Pre-commitment Therapy is structured the same as Couples Therapy with fewer sessions, usually 4 to 5. Below the sessions are explained in more detail.

Couples Session (Intake & Assessment) is the first session of couples therapy. During this one-time session, we will be getting to know each other, completing paperwork, reviewing policies, and completing an in-depth assessment of your relationship. After this session you will be invited to complete the Gottman Relationship Checkup, a one-time online assessment for couples. The cost of this assessment is included in the session fee.

90 Minutes

The Intake & Assessment Couples Session is a full 90 minutes.


The investment is $180 for the intake and assessment session, including the Gottman Relationship Checkup.

Individual Sessions (for Couples) are, just as you would imagine, individual sessions for those engaged in couples therapy. When you begin couples therapy with me, the second session will be shared and I will spend time with each of you individually to gain your unique perspective of the relationship. This is usually a one-time event during couples therapy.

90 Minutes (45 Minutes for Each Partner)

Individual Sessions for Couples are 45 minutes, as the 90 minute session is divided.

$150 ($75 each session)

The investment is $150 for these two sessions, $75 for each session.

Couples Sessions are for couples therapy and begin at the third session, and will continue throughout our time together – usually 4 to 5 sessions for Pre-commitment Therapy.

90 Minutes

Couples Sessions are a full 90 minutes.


The investment is $150 per session.

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