A Comprehensive 2-day Educational Program for Happy Couples

Get educated on what it takes to have a healthy and fulfilling partnership.


I Work With Happy Couples...


I usually get a LAUGH when I say that, but it’s TRUE.

The couples that I work with are HAPPY (for the most part).

They are COMMITTED to their relationship and they LOVE and RESPECT one another, but they desire to learn more.

A relationship school for happy couples may sound like a strange idea, but we are not taught how to have healthy and fulfilling long-term relationships.

In the not-so-recent-past, couples only reached our for support as a desperate, final attempt to salvage an already broken relationship. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t.

I’m PROACTIVE, as opposed to REACTIVE, in my work with couples. I enjoy helping couples learn the skills that are necessary for HEALTHY, HAPPY, LONG-TERM relationships. That’s why I’m all about relationship education for couples.

Who Is This Program For?

CURIOUS COUPLES: You “don’t know what you don’t know.” You and your partner want to learn new skills so you both can feel confident in handling any concern that arises in your relationship.

PREMARITAL COUPLES: You are about to embark on a life’s journey together and you want to make sure you are asking all the right questions of each other and learning about one another so you two can co-create the life you want together.

NEW COUPLES: You are at the beginning stages of your relationship and want to get off to a great start and feel prepared for the inevitable ups and downs.

COUPLES IN THERAPY: This program can be a great supplement in that it teaches you the relationship skills needed that can amplify your work in couples therapy. However, be sure to check with your current therapist to ensure that this program is compatible with the work that you are currently doing.

COUPLES WHO HAVE COMPLETED THERAPY: Maybe you have just completed couples therapy in order to heal your relationship, but you are still looking for some tangible, practical skills that you can use to enhance your connection.

Are You And Your Partner Ready To Commit?

This is a very specific program that is expertly designed to educate and support you and your partner in all the important areas of your relationship.

Not only is this program a commitment of your time and energy, it’s a financial commitment as well.

If we work together, I ask that you and your partner both be “all in” and fully committed to the process, so I’m sharing some of the the important details of the program below.

Educational Experience

The Happy Couples Relationship School is NOT THERAPY, but an educational program with relationship coaching provided by a licensed couples therapist.

A One Stop Shop

I’ve taken the very best tips, tools, and interventions from my 10+ years of research into what makes for a happy relationship and put it into one supportive, comprehensive program.


This structured program requires homework and active participation outside of session for maximum benefit. A commitment of 8 hours over 2 days for the live relationship coaching sessions. This program is for motivated, curious, knowledge-hungry, committed couples only.


The 2-day program is $2,800. This NON-REFUNDABLE payment is due in full at the start of the program. A complimentary 6-week online program is included so that you can continue to practice and grow in your relationship.


As a result of completing the Happy Couples Relationship School program you and your partner can expect to feel more connected, increased confidence in your relationship, and better prepared to meet the inevitable ups and downs in long-term relationships.

Availability & Scheduling

I accept 2 couples each month into the Happy Couples Relationship School. The 2-day program takes place from 10:00am – 2:00pm ET on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Happy Couples Relationship School Investment

The Happy Couples Relationship School is a comprehensive 2-day educational program that includes live relationship coaching sessions, a relationship checkup assessment with feedback, and access to the Happy Couples Relationship School curriculum.

Happy Couples Relationship School Schedule

The live program is a total of 8 hours and is offered over 2 days (10:00am – 2:00pm ET on Tuesday and Thursday). There will be a total of 6 relationship coaching sessions. Also included is a complimentary 6-week online program to support you in enhancing, maintining, and adding on to the helpful tools and knowledge you acquired during the initial sessions.


Welcome, Introduction, Relationship Assessment, & Movie Night

Session 1

Connection, Friendship, & Appreciation

Session 2

Personalities, Traits, Values, & Acceptance

Session 3

Healthy Communication

Session 4

Managing & Reducing Conflict

Session 5

Sex & Intimacy

Session 6

Dreams, Goals, & the Future

Complimentary Program

6-week online program to support you in maintaining your progress and enhancing your relationship

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