Meditation For Healthy Relationships

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Today’s guest post is by Jeannie Ball of the Asheville Transcendental Meditation Center. Having practiced Transcendental Meditation, or TM, for over 5 years myself, I can attest to the stress relieving properties of the technique. Not only does TM relieve stress, it hosts positive results in countless areas of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health – much too many to list here. If you’re curious, check out the research here.

If you are interested in learning TM, or would like more information, there are centers found all over the world. Check out a center near you and schedule yourself a free introductory talk.

Now, on to the post…

Giving is the basis of healthy relationships. The most fulfilling relationships result when we can give to one another freely without being overly concerned about receiving back. But one can only give from what one has—or from what one is.

Stress affects relationships

If someone seems emotionally unavailable to you, perhaps they are not available to themselves. Stress, anxiety, depression, ill health (physical or mental) or just plain tiredness inhibits our ability to be naturally loving, forgiving and fun to be with.

In a relationship, if two people are concerned only with receiving and meeting their own needs, then no one gives, no one receives, and the relationship can be a source of unhappiness.

When both people in a relationship are secure and content from within and not dependent on each other for their personal well-being, there can be maximum giving and maximum receiving—and the relationship is a source of joy.

The Transcendental Meditation technique gently restores, heals and nourishes one’s inner self—allowing you to give more to others.

TM improves emotional stability

During TM practice, the mind effortlessly transcends busy or agitated levels of thinking to fathom the quiet depths of consciousness, where one experiences the true, inner self—a silent wellspring of love, happiness, and creativity.

Simultaneously, the body gains profound rest, deeper than ordinary relaxation, dissolving knots of accumulated stress that restrict our ability to love.

People may learn the TM technique for many different reasons—deeper relaxation, improved memory, reduction of blood pressure—but perhaps the most widely appreciated benefit is getting along better with others.

Even just a few days after learning the TM technique, meditators report they feel less stressed and have greater patience, and are more lighthearted, caring and compassionate.

When you’re fulfilled within yourself, more open and fully present, you’re better able to be there for others. Nothing is more charming to others than someone emanating self-sufficiency and inner bliss.

Jeanne Ball has been practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique since 1973 and became a teacher of the TM technique in 1975, personally trained by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. She received a PhD in World Peace Studies from Maharishi European Research University. Jeanne has traveled the world teaching the TM technique. She is a writer for the David Lynch Foundation and her articles on meditation are featured regularly on The Huffington Post. An excellent Ayurvedic vegetarian cook, she enjoys hosting events for the community and volunteers with her husband Tom as co-director of the Asheville TM Center.

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