Premarital Counseling


First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement! I’m really glad you are here.

Why you might ask? Well, your relationship is going to be off to a much better start because you’re seeking Premarital Counseling.

Did you know that in the world of relationship counseling, prevention is 3x more effective than intervention? So, the Premarital Counseling you will soon be attending will be 3x more effective than Couples Therapy later on down the road.

So CONGRATULATIONS again for being an insightful couple and understanding how beneficial Premarital Counseling can be for your relationship.

Making a conscious decision to enter into a committed relationship can be both exciting and scary. You may wonder if this is the “right” person for you and there may be things about your partner that you have yet to discover.

Sometimes when we are in a new relationship, we are so smitten that we forget to talk about the important issues that could cause a bit of contention later on down the road.

Online Premarital Counseling Available in North Carolina

Premarital Counseling is an often overlooked, but essential, piece to having a healthy and long-lasting relationship.

Choosing to attend Premarital Counseling here at AVL Couples Therapy will allow you and your partner a safe space to discover who you are both as individuals and as a couple, as well as give you the tools needed to succeed as partners.

By now you’re probably well aware of all the costs associated with a wedding. The average cost for a wedding consultant is $3,000. This is for someone to help you plan your wedding – a one-day event. For one-third of the cost you can invest in Premarital Counseling and have someone to help guide you and your partner as you two plan for the rest of your lives together. So it makes sense to add Premarital Counseling into your wedding budget.

Premarital Counseling Packages

I am a Private Pay Therapist and do not accept insurance.

You will pay for sessions as you go – $150 for each 60-minute session and $200 for each 90-minute session.

You also have the flexibility of adding on sessions as needed, so you are not limited to 4 or 6 sessions.

The Premarital Counseling program consists of taking the PREPARE/ENRICH online assessment before your first session. The cost of the online assessment is included in your package price. You and your partner will then attend sessions where you will receive customized feedback and learn important relationship skills.

During the program we will cover the following topics: Strength & Growth Areas, Relationship Dynamics, Communication, Personal Stress Profile, Conflict Resolution, Couple & Family Map, Personality Profile, Financial Management, Relationship Roles, Sex & Affection, Leisure Activities, Children & Parenting, and Spiritual Beliefs.

You will also be introduced to Gottman Method Couples Therapy exercises and interventions as a way of further strengthening the couple relationship.

Cindy is a Certified Facilitator of PREPARE/ENRICH, the #1 premarital assessment.

Find out more about PREPARE/ENRICH here.

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