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AVL Couples Therapist Directory

Here’s a directory of referral options for great couples therapists here in the Asheville area! We have many couples reaching out for support with their relationships. We each have our own unique specialties and approaches within the realm of couples therapy, and we want to make sure that you find a good fit for you and your partner.

There are therapists who specialize in certain approaches, such as Gottman or EFT. There are therapists who specialize in treating affairs and addictions. Each therapist is different and we want you to find a therapist that works for you, your relationship, and your presenting concerns.

Take a moment to check out your options. Many therapists will offer an initial consultation so that you may have a chance to get to know them and ask questions before you make a commitment.

Click on the therapist’s photo for a link to their website. Congratulations on taking that first step toward your best possible relationship!

Cindy Norton | AVL Couples Therapy

Hi, I’m Cindy, and I love helping happy couples have amazing relationships! I currently have two service offerings: Premarital Counseling and a 2-day couples intensive through the Happy Couples Relationship School. I’ve taken the very best tips, tools, and interventions from my 10+ years of research into what makes for a happy relationship and put it into these two supportive offerings.

Jacqueline Schatz | Asheville Relationship Center

I work with busy, successful people who are not having success at love. I have been helping couples for over 15 years who want real tools to finally fix what is wrong. Communication between you is poor and you are not getting your needs met; the responsibilities and stresses of work, family or children are eroding your once happy partnership. The anger, resentment and hurt between you can feel impossible to bear, impossible to fix.  But, you know that you have to do something. You once had such a beautiful love. It can feel so frustrating if you are successful in other areas. Why is this so hard? I provide couples with real tools and a tailored plan specific to you and your situation. It doesn’t have to be like this.

Karen Batka | EmBodhiWork

Couples appreciate my ability to navigate challenges (addiction, loss, infidelity, blending families, later-in-life love) with warmth, presence, experience and safety. I begin couples therapy by exploring and identifying strengths and resources within each couple member to provide the scaffolding to support deeper work. I have completed extensive training in AEDP for Couples, The Hakomi Method and Collaborative Couples Therapy and our work together is informed and guided by somatic, attachment-focused and experiential practices. Couples are often surprised by and grateful for how swiftly love is restored and lasting transformation can occur!

Brian Dugdale | Brian Dugdale Counseling

I am passionate about marriages and helping the client learn how to heal those areas in relationship where they feel stuck. I also love helping folks that are beginning to think about marriage…ie…engaged or thinking about engagement

Andrea Bishop | Asheville Success Coaching & Family Therapy

Communication, action oriented and skill building oriented work with individuals, couples, and families. See my website for more information.

Elizabeth Heaney

I often work with couples’ who are looking to access greater intimacy, whether than means sexual intimacy or emotional intimacy. Often, the demands of our daily lives (parenting, work, everyday details and challenges) make true intimacy difficult – but not impossible. Addressing the real challenges of intimacy can give couples’ a renewed sense of fondness, closeness and ease.

Crystal Nero | Mending Roots Counseling

I work with couples having difficulty connecting to one another. I utilize Emotionally-Focused Therapy (EFT) and am guided by attachment theory and experiential practices. Accessing, processing, and connecting couples through the power of emotional experience promotes healing and fosters a couples resilience to the everyday and unexpected challenges of life. I specialize in couples that are recovering from substance use problems.

Andrew Bednarzik | Riverbank Counseling

I really enjoy working with new parents! Sessions include a mix of increasing insight, learning tools, practicing communication and humor. I’ve taught several workshops in town for new parents called “Parents as Partners.” It tends to be a challenging transition for couples and I like the helping them navigate this and find ways to nurture their relationship. 

A. Barrie Bondurant, PhD, LPC

I enjoy counseling couples at all stages of their relationship. Learning how to improve your interactions can make a huge difference. I integrate Gottman techniques into my couples counseling. I also help couples with communication, problem-solving and conflict resolution skills.

Guy Morganstein | Asheville Counseling Center

Relationship counseling is one of my specialties. I have been in the substance abuse and mental health field for over 35 years. I often work with clients using Imago dialogue, and teach basic and advanced communication and conflict resolution skills.

Brady Yocom

I provide relationship counseling for clients who want to improve communication, feel more loved, restore trust, work as a team instead of against each other, or just get unstuck from an old issue or pattern. My approach tends to focus on building communication skills to help navigate conflict more productively and better understand each other’s experiences and needs. The main idea is to view issues as “us vs. the problem” instead of “you vs. me” and to work together with curiosity and openness so everyone’s needs can be met. I’m queer-affirming, poly-friendly, and kink-aware.

Steve Morris | Old Fashioned Therapy

I love to help couples, married or living together to learn better ways to communicate and work out difficulties. Helping couples and families for over 30 years, I have found that we all have very little education about how to listen well and say what we actually want.  For various reasons, this gets even more difficult w/ those we love. There are solutions and we will find them together. I tend to specialize in couples that are recovering from substance use problems but also life transition and adjustment to retirement.

Stacey Curnow, LCMHCA | Asheville Family Counseling Center

My work with couples draws primarily from Attachment Theory and Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). I use a non-blaming approach that helps couples make sense of their relationship in a safe and collaborative way. Each member of the couple is invited into a process that makes it possible to stay connected even in times of great stress within the relationship.

Tom Adams | Momentum Counseling & Psychotherapy

I work with couples in emotionally-focused ways to explore the real underlying sources of their discord, leading to fundamental shifts in how they communicate with and relate to one another. I also work with individuals who are tired of repeating the same old patterns in their relationships, whether romantic, familial, or professional, and who want to explore new, healthier ways of engaging with others.

Ed Kizer | Sage Counseling & Financial Services

Financial therapy is a new and growing field which strives to integrate a client’s development of both emotional and financial health. Professionals with training in both areas evaluate a client’s needs and utilize a range of techniques based on experiential therapy, financial planning, dialogue, communication, and behavior change to improve the client’s financial and emotional health.  Integration of these two fields allows clients to progress exponentially faster than working on financial and personal growth separately. With extensive experience in psychotherapy, formal training as a financial planner, and a deep appreciation for money psychology, I am uniquely qualified to provide this service.  My hope is to help you not only crystalize your vision and values but also remove the psychological barriers that may stand in your way.  Financial therapy can occur simultaneously with financial planning so that you will quickly see the results of new understanding and knowledge.

Hailey Heil, LCMHCA

I’m a trauma-informed psychotherapist who specializes in relationships. I work with couples looking to heal from the past to create lasting partnerships. I can assist with exploring attachment styles, creating healthy boundaries, increasing emotional intimacy, managing conflict and more. I utilize Emotionally-Focused Therapy (EFT), an evidence-based method proven to help couples in need. I often work with pre-marital couples, or couples wondering how to navigate the next steps of their relationship.

Leah Webster, LPCA, LMFTA

Couples counseling is one of my biggest passions, and I enjoy working with a variety of issues, such as sexual intimacy, emotional intimacy, communication breakdowns, conflict management, trust, and premarital preparation. Whether you’re in a crisis or just wanting to maintain romance and intimacy in a relationship, I’d love to be of assistance. I am Gottman Level 1 trained, and also incorporate some emotionally focused therapy pieces, mindfulness approaches, experiential exercises, and hands on activities for couples to really reflect upon the state of their relationship and how to move forward.

Simon Munro | Simon T. Munro Therapy

I was born and raised in Ireland. I had a long career as a Psychiatrist and have been awarded the highly coveted honor of Membership to The Royal College of Psychiatrists. In the course of my work, I came across new research proving that our happiness depends on a fulfilling intimate relationship. This was a revelation for me! I am passionate about my transition to couples therapy. I practice Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) with individuals and couples. This model has the advantage of the latest and highest quality relationship research with an emphasis on Attachment Theory and how it relates to our relationships.

Ryn Arrants | Mountain Heart Therapy

Couples therapy can help participants strengthen their relationship, heal from a betrayal, or cope with a difficult situation. I utilize my training in the Gottman method to help couples gain a deeper understanding of their relationship, to build better communication skills, and to reignite joy in each other. I am comfortable and experienced working with members of the lgbtq community as well as heterosexual couples, and couples who are polyamorous or monogamous.

Laura Greenlee | A New Leaf Counseling & Consulting

Dr. Laura Greenlee is a clinician in private practice in South Asheville, who uses an integrated blend of person-centered, attachment, and family systems therapy, with emphasis on the Emotionally Focused Therapy model by Dr. Sue Johnson. Dr. Greenlee has 18 years experience as a mental health clinician, and 20 years as an educator. She has worked with domestic violence offenders in a corrections setting, and she has experience completing child abuse assessments and parenting evaluations. Dr. Greenlee highly encourages couples who are separating to use out of court mediation services when possible. Dr. Greenlee specializes in helping parents develop more effective plans for nurturing, managing, and disciplining children.  

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