Premarital Counseling

Making a conscious decision to enter into a committed relationship can be both exciting and scary. You may wonder if this is the “right” person. There may be things about your partner you have yet to discover. Sometimes when we are in a new relationship, we are so smitten that we forget to talk about the important issues that could cause a bit of contention later on down the road. Premarital Education is an often overlooked, but essential, piece to having a healthy and long-lasting relationship. Read more…

Couples Therapy

We’re not taught how to be part of a couple. Sure, we may have had great (or horrible) examples from our parents or other important people in our lives on what it is to be in a relationship. But how exactly are we supposed to have successful relationships? Couples therapy to the rescue! In our sessions together you and your partner will learn what it takes to have a happy and thriving relationship. I utilize Gottman Method Couples Therapy, an approach rooted in over 40 years of research. Read more…

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