I desire for the readers of the Unearth Your Passion Relationship Blog to be provided with the best relationship ideas and information that the web has to offer. With The Relationship Round Up you will be able to hear the voices of some of the greatest relationship therapists.

For today’s post I am going to point you to the articles and websites of a few other awesome therapists across the United States who have written about relationship topics such as dating, relationship needs, and affairs.

Check out a sample of their work via the links below, and be sure to visit their websites to peruse through their collection of articles. Enjoy…

Tony Davis, of Tony Davis Psychotherapy, is based in Los Angeles, California.


Online Dating: Swipe Yes or No?

“Should you search for love online? And if you do, what is an effective way to go about it?”


Relationships: Meeting Needs

People forget that there are three entities in a two-person relationship: the two partners, and the relationship! All three need tending in different ways.”

Jennifer Behnke of Oceanside Private Practice is a self-described millennial therapist. She authors the Not Your Mother’s Marriage blog and is located in Juno Beach, Florida.


Hot Date

“Put your skepticism on hold and let’s explore this alternate reality you too can attain through the dos and don’ts of dating your spouse.”

Maria Turner-Carney is a feminist therapist out of Seattle, Washington.


Lesbian Bed Death Is Not Compulsory

“Can we dispense with the anxiety about lesbian bed death? That stuff is not an inevitability, it’s a thing that happens to couples of any iteration of genders when sex slides to the back of the priority to-do list and people are tired and busy.”

Michael J. Formica offers counseling and coaching in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, as well as online relationship coaching.


8 Insights Into Conscious Relationship

“Every relationship has a life of its own and evolves out of what you and your partner bring to it.”


The Extra-Relational Affair: A Study In Contrast

“…for those of us currently involved in or contemplating the start of an affair – one that is more than simply sexual or emotional in nature – conscious attention to the situation that exercises a certain degree of both social and emotional intelligence might lead us, not only back to our primary relationship, but to a deeper understanding of both ourselves and our social needs.”

Megan Lara Negendank of Love. Heal. Grow. is located in Sacramento, California.


50+ Ways To Celebrate Your Love All Year Long

“Whether you are planning on celebrating Valentine’s Day this weekend or not, and whether you have been with your honey 30 days or 30 years, I’m guessing it’s important to you to feel loved by your partner.”

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