The Self-Care Dilemma

Today's guest post is written by Sarah E. Clark, LMFT, LMHC, CVRT. Sarah is the owner of Clark Counseling Solutions in Indianapolis, Indiana and she is the creator of the Idealationship app. How do you make self-care work in the context of your relationship? In her...

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A Couples Approach to Substance Abuse

Relationship difficulties can be compounded when your partner struggles with a substance abuse problem. But, there's good news, Behavioral Couples Therapy (BCT) can help. In her guest post, Lindsay Melka, LPC shares exactly what BCT is and how it can help your...

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7 Reasons You Are Struggling With Love

The world of dating, love, relationships, and marriage can be a bit overwhelming at times. Has it always been this difficult? Or does modern society have something to do with it? As you take a look at the current status of your relationship, consider these 7 reasons...

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Weekend Activity: Netflix & Chill

No matter if you want to LITERALLY Netflix & Chill, or Netflix & Chill as it has come to be known in pop culture, there’s something for you in this post. If Netflix & Chill (in either capacity) is your usual routine, continue on because rituals are important in your...

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The Four Horsemen Blog Series – #4 Stonewalling

Welcome back to the Four Horsemen Blog Series. This is the final post in this series so, if you haven’t done so already, read about the first three horsemen – Criticism, Contempt, and Defensiveness – before continuing below. The Fourth Horseman – Stonewalling To...

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The Four Horsemen Blog Series – #3 Defensiveness

Welcome back to the Four Horsemen Blog Series. This is the third of four posts in this series. Be sure to read about the first horseman, Criticism, and the second horsemen, Contempt. The Third Horseman – Defensiveness Defensiveness is traditionally defined as being...

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The Four Horsemen Blog Series – #2 Contempt

Welcome to the Four Horsemen Blog Series. This is the second of four posts in this series. Be sure to read the first post for an introduction and overview of the series. Additionally, you will want to learn all about the first horseman – criticism. The Second Horseman...

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The Four Horsemen Blog Series – #1 Criticism

Introduction To The Four Horsemen Blog Series For those of you who are not familiar with Dr. John Gottman, he is a superstar to those of us in the world of couples therapy. He has spent the last 40+ years completing groundbreaking research on thousands of couples. I...

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Weekend Activity: Beat The Heat

This weekend activity is inspired by the beautiful, sunny, warm weather we’ve been having here in Asheville, and will continue to have, provided the forecast holds true. We live in the perfect location to beat the heat, with so many creeks, rivers, and lakes in our...

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