Weekend Activity: Beat The Heat

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This weekend activity is inspired by the beautiful, sunny, warm weather we’ve been having here in Asheville, and will continue to have, provided the forecast holds true.

We live in the perfect location to beat the heat, with so many creeks, rivers, and lakes in our alluring mountain backyard.


Schoolhouse Falls

Photo Credit: RomanticAsheville.com


Why beat the heat in this way? Research has shown that being out in nature has tremendous benefits on your physical, mental, and emotional health. There are many scientifically-based reasons to get outside.

For those readers in the Asheville area, RomanticAsheville.com has compiled a list of their 20 favorite swimming holes. Also check out this photo tour of the top 10 swimming holes.




Another way to cool off is to go for a float down the French Broad River in Asheville. River tubing is on my mind because this will be my way of beating the heat over the weekend, along with my wonderful partner and several awesome friends.


French Broad River

Photo credit: Asheville Outdoor Center


Looks beautiful, doesn’t it? If this is how you want to spend some of your weekends this summer, you may want to get your own tubes. My friends and I have these tubes and they are great! If you want to stay connected and hydrated, order this double tube with a cooler instead.

Would you rather rent a tube, and not worry about the logistics of parking and coordinating locations to begin and end your float? Check out Asheville Outdoor Center or Zen Tubing.

Looking for a sweet, cool treat after your swim or float? Check out my top three favorite spots for ice cream: The Hop Ice Cream Cafe, The French Broad Chocolate Lounge, and Ultimate Ice Cream. And don’t forget Medea’s Espresso and Juice Bar. She has the most amazing popsicles to cool down on a hot day. They are made from organic, raw, cold-pressed juices and are sugar-free!


French Broad Chocolate Lounge

Photo credit: RomanticAsheville.com


Go somewhere you have never been. Discovering something new and having a novel experience alongside your partner is a great way to strengthen your bond.

Note: I know that there are many readers of this blog that live outside of the Asheville, North Carolina area. No matter where you live you can look for ways to enjoy the weather that you are experiencing in your area right now. Research new, fun, and exciting things to do with your partner – wherever you may be when you find yourself reading this.

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