Weekend Activity: Get Back To Your Roots

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This Saturday is Genealogy Day, a great day to look into your own roots.

You don’t have to go back generations to make this activity useful, although it may be interesting to find out what your great-great-great-grandmother was up to back in her day.

In this activity the phrase “getting back to your roots” has various meanings, therefore there are various ways you can make this weekend activity work for you:

  • Share Your Roots. Sharing your roots with your partner is a great way to learn more about each other and increase your connection. You two may discuss where your ancestors hailed from, share with each other the stories that have been passed down in your family about your heritage or culture, or outline what ideals or traditions you hold dear that your family history has helped to shape. Once you have shared these deep roots, touch on the more shallow roots that reflect important parts of your childhood – things that you would like for future generations to know about you. Share the funny things as well – like the running jokes, such as when Uncle Rob puts a cube of ice down the neck of someone’s shirt during Christmas Eve dinner, and that person is known as Ice Cube for the following year until some unlucky soul takes his place the following Christmas Eve.
  • Honor Your Roots. Honoring your roots helps to ensure that traditions are passed down and that important aspects of your culture are not forgotten. If there are aspects of your culture that you feel are important for future generations, make sure that you are taking time to honor these traditions in a way that your ancestors would be proud of. You may make great strides to ensure that a native language is preserved, or teach others in your family the art of basket weaving, crocheting, or wood working in a way that is true to your heritage. Even something as simple as protecting the recipe for Great-Grandma Annie’s Famous Apple Pie, and passing it down through the generations, is a great way to honor her.
  • Create Your Roots. The term “creating your roots” may sound strange and not make much sense. How can I create something that already exists, you may ask. Maybe it would be best to think of this activity as a way to shape your roots in ways that have a positive impact on those that follow in your family. Discuss with your partner those traditions or ideals that have had a positive influence on your life. This is what you want to put your energy into. Find ways to ensure that these positive traditions stand the test of time and are welcomed by future generations. You can even create a completely new tradition that is unique and meaningful. And, hopefully it catches on!

If you are interested in learning more about your roots, you can try out ancestry.com for a free 14-day trial and gain a glimpse into the past. Who knows, maybe you will discover something you didn’t know about your roots and have a revival of this tradition or ritual. Have fun revealing, sharing, honoring, creating, and discovering!

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