Weekend Activity: Take That Couple You Admire Out To Dinner

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Couples are unique. When you think of the couples you know, there are probably some that are known for their fighting, some known for being distant, and some who you believe are just together to piss each other off. However, most couples tend to get along well and show great appreciation for one other.

Although no relationships are immune to problems, there are those couples out there who seem to be well-balanced and have a knack for making their relationship work in spite of any problems that arise.

For this week’s Weekend Activity sit down with your partner and think of all your friends and acquaintances who are in relationships. Next, think of the couples that you sometimes find yourself envious of. Finally, choose a couple who you admire and wouldn’t mind taking some advice from.

The couple you choose may be close friends, an aunt or uncle, your parents or grandparents, a couple from your church, co-workers, or any other couple you feel comfortable with.

Once you have chosen a couple, invite them out to dinner.

Local tip: For those of you who live near Asheville, A Spicy Perspective has a great article that features some of the best restaurants in the area. Check it out here.

Be sure to let the couple know that you admire them and would like to ask them some questions about their relationship. If you just invite them to dinner and start asking questions about their relationship, they may be a little confused about what is going on and feel interrogated.

You will want to ask them general questions about their relationship, as well as for tips and advice for any specific problems you have in mind.

Here are some questions you may want to ask:

  • How did you know this person was the one for you?
  • Can you recall how you made it through one of your biggest fights?
  • Ask each person: What do you love most about your partner?
  • Ask each person: What is your least favorite thing about your partner? And how have you allowed yourself to be okay with this?
  • If you had to pick three things that have made your relationship work for the better, what would they be?
  • You’ve known us for a while. What would you say that our strengths and weaknesses are in our relationship?

At the end of the night you may even realize that the couple have more problems than you realized, so don’t be alarmed. This is normal. When you dig there are always things hidden under the surface.

When you arrive home from dinner – or if it was a late night, the next morning – discuss some of the things you learned about your relationship as a result of talking to this other couple.

You may decide that you want to adopt some of the things that worked for this other couple into your own relationship. There may also be things that you definitely do not want to do in your relationship. Just use the information gathered to improve your relationship in a positive way.

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